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My shift usually starts at midnight, and sure enough, when i get into a cab at around 11:15pm to go to work, the cabbie would be listening to a radio program hosted by a certain "papa jack". Papa Jack's program is amusing and for some, they need it for a rude awakening. He gets callers from all walks of life...hurting housewives, battered husbands, rebellious teenagers.

Last night, on my way to work, the cabbie had the radio on and was tuned in to papa jack. The caller was a 38 year old woman, whose husband left her for another woman, and she in turn has a boyfriend, who is at the same time in a relationship with another woman - this other woman also being married to a different man. The woman caller was asking for "advice" because her boyfriend just left to work abroad and she is quite bothered that her boyfriend still sees the other woman when he comes home for a vacation. Very bluntly, papa jack answered her underlying questions. He said something like "noon, tumingin lang jowa mo sa iba, naiinis ka na. Eto ngayon, alam mo nang nakikipag sex sa iba, pumapayag ka?! Anong tawag mo dun?!" the caller replied, "pagmamahal". Papa jack was taken by surprise and he said "no! Katangahan yan! Binibigyan mo ng ibang ibig sabihin ang love. Parang kanta lang ni bon jovi yan eh -- you give love a bad name" hahahaha! That's one way of saying it!

Still, the story of the caller bothered me. I thought back and tried to recall other caller's stories and realized that these callers are not really asking for advice, they just want to be heard. These are the people who have no one else to talk to, because all their friends got tired of pleading with them to stop their insanity and get out of these types of relationships. These are the people who, in moments of desperation, called up a faceless person, and chose to air their stories to the public. In a way, they are helping others trapped in the same miserable situation that thy are in. They help by awakening the listeners.

When I heard that woman's story last night, I thought to myself, how could she be so blind? She's so stupid! The guy is just trying to get the best of both worlds by being with her and the other woman at the same time. But still, I realized that if I were in the same situation, and I heard her story, i would probably wake up and bang my head on the wall for being so damn stupid. So, I guess more girls have to listen to papa jack...if they want to hear straight out what they have to hear.

I'm not one to lecture about what's right and whats wrong in love, but I definitely know that if my current relationship may be hurting someone, even if she doesn't know about it, I'd stop and say goodbye. I'm not an expert and have had my share of heartaches and pains, but I can say to others that a broken heart will not kill you. Its going to hurt like hell for a while, but you will survive. This message goes out to a friend of mine who is in a really shitty mess now. What are you afraid of? Being alone? You have friends. Don't wallow in misery. Let go of that so called relationship. You're destroying something sacred ---marriage. You'll meet another person, and if that doesn't work out as well, I'm sure you'll met another. It pains me that you have degraded yourself by being a mistress...is it too late? Or should i give you papa jacks number?

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