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How to survive being apart

We sometimes get so caught up in our own daily mundane routines that we tend to neglect even a simple "How was your day?" to the person who matters most to us. We sometimes let a day go by without speaking to our loved ones, while we are just trying to get everything done in our own lives.

I always thought an LDR was only for the really lonely ones, the ones who couldn't find their partners right where they are now. Just like most of what I thought of in love, I was wrong. I did not expect this, nor did I even want this in the first place. It's great because you really have to be creative with everything that you do. It keeps you on your toes and keeps your brain cells working.

These are some tips I have gathered within a month's time, sort of a survival kit for couples who are miles and miles away from each other:

1) Always start your day with a good morning message. - I figured out that since I loved seeing the messages in the morning as soon as I woke up, it had the same effect on my partner as well. The first thing I do now upon waking up is to grope for my ipod and check FB if there are any messages. 99% pf the time, there would be. The remaining 1% are for the times that my partner fell asleep before I did and I woke up earlier than usual.

2) Familiarize yourself with what timezone your partner is in and learn to adjust how you tell time. You'd realize that you now look at the time and tell it two different ways, your time and your partner's time. - In my case, I got used to asking, "Have you had lunch?" at 4pm my time, because that was my partner's lunch time and I got used to reminding my partner to grab dinner at midnight or so my time.

3) Be creative. - Figure out how else you could communicate with your partner. Do not limit yourself to just chat, pm's and such. Sometimes, all we need is to hear their voice. Call. Even if it would just last a minute, cherish every second that you can hear your partner's voice. Send pictures. Engage your partner in your activities. Take a snapshot of let's say, what you're cooking for lunch and attach a message that say's "Can't wait to cook this when you get home", Or maybe take pictures of stuff that interests you. Or maybe just everyday normal things you do around the house or at work. This helps your partner get a clear idea of what mood you are in and could also help your partner understand you better.

4) Write. - And I don't mean just sending out a long SMS declaring your love for your partner. What I'm talking about is actual hand writing. Take time out of your day to write or scribble a little note here and there about things that you think your partner would appreciate or would like to know. I have a cube of colored paper stacks always handy just in case I think of something I want to share with my partner. Small things that would usually read "I thought about you today and smiled. thank you for loving me" or "Watching White Chicks would be so much better with you". Put the date on each paper whenever you're writing. Fold them into small shirts, hearts or whatever shape you can and put them in a small box. When your partner comes home, give it to them and let them read all the thoughts you've had during the times you were not together and try to re-live those moments and have a good laugh together.

5) Set expectations. - Even at this day and age when the internet and gadgets can bring people together, remember that it can work both ways. You may not be available online 24/7 and there may be days where you will be out of reach or without internet connection, therefore leaving you sometimes with no means to get word to your partner. It helps that you always make your partner aware of what your schedule for the following day would roughly be. You don't have to give an itemized schedule, simply let your partner know that you'd be stepping out for a while and doing whatever, and that would help avoid missed calls, voice mail, lots of pings and what-have-you's.

6) Listen with your heart. - Yes, Grandmother Willow gave the same advice to Pocahontas. Listen with your heart, you will understand. Sometimes, our partner may be trying to tell us something but we were just either too self-centered or stubborn to listen. Read between the lines. Feel what your partner is feeling by 'listening" to the tone used in conversations, key words used in chats, emoticons used in sending responses. If you ask how your partner's day went and the response you got was a straight faced emoticon, for sure there's something amiss. Probe and find out why your partner chose to send you a straight faced smiley. It could be because of a tough day at work or a really intense brainstorming that left your partner drained. These are the small yet very important cues you need to "listen" for.

7) Don't "sleep on it" when it comes to disagreements. Like a normal, here-with-you-now relationship, do not sleep until disagreements are solved and out of the way of a good night's sleep. Talk. Rant. Rave. But most of all, get things resolved after talking things through. Divorce and couples that separate are usually caused by one thing, lack of communication. If something is bothering you, talk. If you feel something is amiss, talk. If you think you need to say something, talk. Remember, talk and not nag. Look for an amicable way to settle whatever difference of opinion you may have had and make sure you still get to say your usual "I love you so much, goodnight." before you go to bed and call it a wrap.

8) The element of surprise. - Once in a while, it would be best to surprise your partner with something special. I'm not talking about expensive store-bought gifts. I'm referring to little stuff that your partner likes and you know would brighten up their day. Sending stuff via courier can be very expensive and oftentimes, the cost of sending a small token for your partner would cost way higher than the cost of the actual item. You can still do it by perhaps teaming up with one of your partner's work buddies and try to get them to do something for you. Like maybe you could scan a handwritten love note and email it and have the buddy print it out and pin it on your partner's work station? That would surely brighten their day. One thing is you could also wire over some money to have your partner's friend buy flowers or maybe a bunch of small balloons, a small plush toy that you know your partner would love, or maybe even ask the buddy to get your partner a cup coffee made just the way you would make it, and leave it on your partner's desk with a little note from you.

9) Sexy Time. - Sure, you love your partner and vice-versa. You remain faithful, but what makes you so sure that your partner is doing the same? Some people would say pictures and dirty messages, that's what. I say different. Keep your partner interested without endangering yourself (in case your partner's phone gets stolen, of course you wouldn't want any nude pictures of you flying around cyberspace would you?) and compromising your beliefs. I know a lot of couples send sexy, sometimes explicit photos to one another, but this accomplishes nothing really. Better to send your partner stuff that would stir longing, yes, like maybe a picture of you smiling, and not doing a duck face or something. Maybe a picture of you in your fave PJ's instead of in sexy negligee. Remember, always think before sending a photo you might regret.

None of these tips are guaranteed to make your relationship last forever, but I am hoping that I was able to share some important and helpful information to all you guys out there who are in long distance relationships. Remember, communication and creativity is key. We have to constantly work on our relationships, more than the normal couples do. Lacking face to face interaction, physical touches and geographical proximity, we are left with more to compensate for. Just remember, make time for your partner, and your partner will make time for you too. Make a conscious and constant effort to be in your partner's daily life and make them see that if a long distance relationship with you is this awesome, then just imagine what it would be when the time comes that you'd be finally together.


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Of Bitter Exes and Better New Girlfriends


I wasn't looking for somebody to love. I was doing just fine in my life and didn't actually expect that my heart would beat for somebody else again. It has been 4 years and 4 months since my heart was last broken and indeed, time heals all wounds; although it did leave a scar. I was content with how my life was going, I have two beautiful kids who are my everything. I have learned to depend on them for moral support, hugs and kisses when I need it the most. I learned that sometimes, letting go actually means being free. Letting go doesn't mean that you lost someone, it means you gained yourself back. The "you" that was somehow lost because of loving too much.

As it goes, I am again in a relationship, this time, with someone whom I know and trust will not treat me like trash, nor set me aside when no longer needed. This person, I know, will always find ways to make me feel loved and special. I know that this person will be instrumental to my becoming a better person, just because of the love that is being given to and the love that I am giving back in return. Our relationship may not be conventional, but I feel that it is right and I really don't care what close minded people would think. She has gone through her own share of heartaches and suffered throughone just recently. Amazingly, I don't feel the least like a rebound girlfriend, because we got to know each other first before actually getting into a relationship. i already loved her even before we became a couple.

Now, the thing is, a bitter ex comes into the picture and threatens to take away the person I love. She was the one who broke my new love's heart by cheating on her twice, with the same person. The nerve of that girl to actually even try to blame her for why she cheated.

Forgiveness from an ex is one thing, but actually trying to get back with that person that YOU hurt, YOU threw away, YOU disregarded and treated like crap, is a different matter. People should realize that there is no excuse for cheating. cheating is cheating no matter how you sugar coat it. It's bullshit if you say you cheated only because she cheated first, or you cheated because your partner was far away and you couldn't handle a long distance relationship. Cheating is a coward's way of backing up on everything your love once stood for. Now this cheating ex of hers wants to get back together, I'll be damned.

To you whom I shall dub as "the bitter one", please stay away, far away as possible because the person you threw away is with me now. You better take a few pointers from me "bitter one" because I don't recycle. It's pathetic and downright tacky to break up and get back together. Differences should be discussed first without breaking up. Now, I am the Better One, because I realized early on that this person is the one that I have been waiting for, that this person is the one whom I would love to say "I do" to, this is the one whom, even though she's far, makes me feel that distance is not an issue as our hearts are bonded together, and always will be. You got your chance, twice, and you blew it both times. Now stop acting like a bitch and get on with your life, take responsibility for your actions and move on.

To my Future, I know you love me and I love you too. No second chances for us, because we won't let this end. Thank you for coming into my life Marel.

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Papa Jack


My shift usually starts at midnight, and sure enough, when i get into a cab at around 11:15pm to go to work, the cabbie would be listening to a radio program hosted by a certain "papa jack". Papa Jack's program is amusing and for some, they need it for a rude awakening. He gets callers from all walks of life...hurting housewives, battered husbands, rebellious teenagers.

Last night, on my way to work, the cabbie had the radio on and was tuned in to papa jack. The caller was a 38 year old woman, whose husband left her for another woman, and she in turn has a boyfriend, who is at the same time in a relationship with another woman - this other woman also being married to a different man. The woman caller was asking for "advice" because her boyfriend just left to work abroad and she is quite bothered that her boyfriend still sees the other woman when he comes home for a vacation. Very bluntly, papa jack answered her underlying questions. He said something like "noon, tumingin lang jowa mo sa iba, naiinis ka na. Eto ngayon, alam mo nang nakikipag sex sa iba, pumapayag ka?! Anong tawag mo dun?!" the caller replied, "pagmamahal". Papa jack was taken by surprise and he said "no! Katangahan yan! Binibigyan mo ng ibang ibig sabihin ang love. Parang kanta lang ni bon jovi yan eh -- you give love a bad name" hahahaha! That's one way of saying it!

Still, the story of the caller bothered me. I thought back and tried to recall other caller's stories and realized that these callers are not really asking for advice, they just want to be heard. These are the people who have no one else to talk to, because all their friends got tired of pleading with them to stop their insanity and get out of these types of relationships. These are the people who, in moments of desperation, called up a faceless person, and chose to air their stories to the public. In a way, they are helping others trapped in the same miserable situation that thy are in. They help by awakening the listeners.

When I heard that woman's story last night, I thought to myself, how could she be so blind? She's so stupid! The guy is just trying to get the best of both worlds by being with her and the other woman at the same time. But still, I realized that if I were in the same situation, and I heard her story, i would probably wake up and bang my head on the wall for being so damn stupid. So, I guess more girls have to listen to papa jack...if they want to hear straight out what they have to hear.

I'm not one to lecture about what's right and whats wrong in love, but I definitely know that if my current relationship may be hurting someone, even if she doesn't know about it, I'd stop and say goodbye. I'm not an expert and have had my share of heartaches and pains, but I can say to others that a broken heart will not kill you. Its going to hurt like hell for a while, but you will survive. This message goes out to a friend of mine who is in a really shitty mess now. What are you afraid of? Being alone? You have friends. Don't wallow in misery. Let go of that so called relationship. You're destroying something sacred ---marriage. You'll meet another person, and if that doesn't work out as well, I'm sure you'll met another. It pains me that you have degraded yourself by being a mistress...is it too late? Or should i give you papa jacks number?

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Moving Forward

mind ramblings

sunny 35 °C

I have learned that you can tell that you found your life-partner when he doesn't just look into your eyes, but he looks into the future in the same direction as you. I have had my share of partners who would just look at me in the eyes and tell me that I AM THE ONE. Unfortunately, I am not Jet Li.

I have learned that to be truly happy, you have to be content with what you have. I learned to appreciate the small things that life has to offer. The way my kids smile and scream MOOOMMMYYY!! when I come home - it's priceless. I have a job that pays enough for me to get by, although Im glad that my sister is always there for me just in case I run out of cash before the next payday (which is quite often). :) I have a wonderful family who I know will always stand by me. I have a Mom whom I have hurt so many times because of all the bad decisions I made in the past. I have my other sibs Dindin and Iris, who can be quite irritating at times, but I know they always mean well. My Dad, who is always the first to show his disappointment at me, has somehow mellowed down with the coming of his grandson.

My kids are definitely my life. Nina, now 8 years old, will be in 3rd grade this school year. She has grown so much, and when I remember that she used to be so teeny tiny in my arms, I feel like time flew so fast and I hardly enjoyed her toddler years. She is a replica of her Papa Nix, and the naughty-side Im thinking she may have gotten from me. On the other hand, handsome little Koko is no longer a cutie baby boy. He is now in his terrible-two stage and I can totally relate when they said that it is really Terrible Two. I sometimes wish he was but a few months old again, when I could easily cuddle him and rock him to sleep.

I have encountered a lot of single moms and they all have their stories to tell. There is this one friend who also has two kids with different dads. Our difference is, she doesn't deem it necessary to provide for her kids. tsktsk. She would always be borrowing money from officemates, saying that this happened and another tragic event occured in her life. Tragedy always seem to strike during payday though... a lost wallet, a quarrel with a sib, and still an emergency where she had to move out of the house. I know Im not as irresponsible as her, I just hope she wakes up soon enough that she should take care of her kids and not be drinking all the time and job-hopping.

I also know a couple of single moms whom I know deserve every bit of love and attention their kids give them. There's Sonj and Laine - just two of my friends at work whom I salute for bringing up well-rounded kids by themselves.

There are also some moms who could be classified as single though they're married. There's Mommy Tess for instance, who has the tough job of being a mom and dad to both Nina and Nino since Daddy Dingdong is abroad. There is no financial want, but it must be hard to fulfill the roles of both parents to two teeners.

Now that I am a certified single mom, I am scared at what the future may hold. Will my kids detest me? Will they say that I deprived them of the right to have a dad? Will they think that I have not done enough for them? When is enough, enough? I dont know, only time will tell.

Through all these worries, I am glad that I can depend on my family - not just the blood relatives...but the friends who have proved that they will always support what I want to do. The people who will always say "I got your back". The people who are not afraid to criticize me. The people who always believed in me, even when I myself did not believe in anything anymore. Mommy, for always trusting me and knowing I'd turn over a new leaf. Ate Aileen, for always being there in every aspect. Ate Din, for being blunt and stating what you mean. Iris, for taking care of my kiddos when Im asleep. Dad, for being a great grandpa to Nina and Koko. Nix, for being a good provider and dad to Nina. Kiko, for bringing Koko into my life - and for making me realize that I am worth more than you could ever imagine. Edu, for always making me feel wanted. Nina, for being kind of cute while irritating me, especially when Im alseep. Koko, for showing me what I probably was like when I was your age. Eugene, for being my first love. Rommel, for making me feel like I wanted to be in love. Quiti and Mommy Tess, for always listening and sharing your stories and experiences with me. Bomps, thanks for finally getting married!! Ralph, Chaz, Gavin and Jiji, for being such wonderful bekis. (I super miss you gays). Daddy Olj, for teaching me the importance of teamwork. Mosman, for always believing. Joan and Yanna, for the good times and serious talks. Randy, for being the only straight guy friend whom I can tell beki-stories to. My entire Mafia Family, thanks for all the help and gifts! (Esp John France).

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Flying Solo

all seasons in one day

I thought only relationships ended, but the feelings stayed with the person; to look back on and smile when the hurt has gone. Was I ever wrong. The human heart can only take so much abuse. My heart has been used, abused and discarded. Since the start of this so-called relationship, I was on the losing end. But I did not turn out to be the loser.

I compromised, bargained, pleaded and now, I eventually decided to simply not care. I have no hopes of ever getting back together with him. He always will remain my son’s father, but that is all he will be from now on. I decided to go back to being myself. No longer would I care if he approves of everything about me. His family may be good to me, but he definitely is not.

I wanted so badly to work things out that I ended up losing myself in the process. I was not brought up by my parents to take abuse from someone. Anyone. He never hurt me physically, but the emotional wounds he left are deep, and hurts much more than a blow.

I have always been a fighter, but I could not bring myself to stand up to him. I did not know what sort of hold he had on me that I could never resist his apologies, smiles and text messages after a misunderstanding. I would tell myself that this would be the last time I would forgive. Then another incident occurs, and I still end up forgiving for the Nth time.

Ralph was gay enough to lend me the book “Wicked”. The story behind the Wicked Witch of the West. It tackled why she acted the way she did in The Wizard of Oz. The way I understand it, Elphaba was not purely evil. She was a mother to Liir, a lover to Fiyero, a friend to Galinda, a daughter to Frex and a sister to Nessarose as well. She had a “family”. Elphaba was opinionated, strong-willed and simply did not care what other people thought. I admired her because she could say “No” to Fiyero, who meant the world to her. From the words written by Gregory Maguire, I interpreted that she loved Fiyero more than her own son, Liir. But she could still say “two weeks from now” when Fiyero would ask when they’d meet again. I never was that strong-willed. My priorities got messed up when he would subtly imply that he wanted to be with me. I would miss out on work, friend’s reunions and family gatherings to be with him.

Never Again. I will not try to bargain anymore, I am worth so much more than he could ever realize. I will no longer hope for his love, as it was never given to begin with. I will no longer degrade myself by apologizing for things I did not commit. Hell, I will not even try to save him by turning him into a Scarecrow like Elphaba did with Fiyero.

And to you, you know who you are: I always had a special place in my poor old heart for you, but you left me with no choice but to start not caring. I would like to leave you with a couple of lines from Defying Gravity:

“Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I’m through with playing by the rules
Of someone else’s game
Too late for second guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It’s time to trust my instinct
Close my eyes and leave

It’s time to try defying gravity
I feel like trying to defy gravity
And you can’t pull me down..”


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Lets Start Anew

Lora and Blu are working things out.
They still want to be together.

Lora is now with a different call center company.
Much better than her previous one.

Blu is now putting his skills to good use.
He has a job with Ayala Land.

Its nice to get back on track.

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Lora and Blu are no more

ang pagtatapos


Its over.

Lora and Blu separated on May 5, 2009.

What I thought was a beautiful relationship was shredded and demolished by shander. I no longer feel angry nor hurt about this. I am, however; hurting for my son Koko. He lost his Tatay to his godfather.

For months now, I felt as if I was slowly losing Kiko to his friends. He preferred to go on roadtrips and drinking sessions with friends rather than spend time with me and Koko. Im not one to say that roadtrips are bad. I actually enjoyed going on roadtrips. These trips are what made Lora and Blu into Loraandblu, the blog. But when Koko was born, I had to make a change in my priorities. Koko came first. Then Nina and Kiko. Family.

On Cinco de Mayo, the battle was lost. Like the French, I waved the white flag and surrendered. I did not want to fight anymore. I felt drained by it all. I did not lose Kiko to another girl... I lost him because he chose to be with friends instead of family. I wanted to cry but no tears would come. I know one day teh tears would come gushing from my eyes, but not now. I still have to compose myself and get my life back in order.

It seems that since Shander arrived back from Kuwait, all Kiko could think about was go on motorcycle trips with him and our other friends. I did not try to hold him back, but at this time when our finances are down, I expected more from Kiko. I have no doubts about his love for Koko. I know that he dearly loves his son. He just needs to get his priorities straight.

I do not want to dwell on the past. I want to look ahead into the future and see what kind of life my two kids and I would be having. With my sisters and Mom supporting me all the way, I know I can make it. While it may take some time, I will be taking everyday with new hopes and dreams for a better future.

I would like to thank God for finally showing me that even alone, He is with me. He is with me through my family and friends. He is with me in my heart.

Even if lora and blu are no longer together, a reminder will always be here that once upon a dream, they were. That is Koko, my son. May he grow up to be good person, may he always love his mom and his sister, along with his aunts and grandparents. May he not have hatred in his heart for his Tatay, who loved him but cannot be with him anymore.

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First Day High


AHHH!! Im back to taking calls! It finally sunk in.

I am now "married" to the avaya. I can no longer get up and say "Its time" whenever I want. I now have a break schedule to be strictly followed. I have to set up my tools at least ten minutes prior to taking calls.

In the middle of biliran surfing, a call comes in and I quickly alt-tab'd to the ExpeRT homepage. "Thank you for calling, my name is Deanne. May I have your name please?" Alt-tab alt-tab alt tab... (where is my fr****n notepad?!) alt-tab alt-tab... (ayun) ... Hello Caroline, how may assist you today? Alt-tab type type type (ah sa Gocheap sya)... blah blah blah blah...

Lets look at my stats... hmmm.. 3 calls 4.41minutes average talk time. Not bad for a newbie...

Bongga is in the middle of a near-sup call. "You are not listening to me... we havent charged you anything yet..."

Babette is doing something quietly. (mumbling)

Tere is taking another call. "so this is for.."

I love first days.

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Movement Shmovement

mga sentimyento de patatas

I am tired. I am angry. I am numb.

For three plus years, I was on the email team. WAS. I am now undergoing training, along with ten other team mates, for a different LOB. WWTE. Hay, karma karma karma chameleon.

My "favorite" agent was from this team. I remember waiting for her to give me more material for an article in this blog. Her famous "we are operating a standard procedure" line made me smile even on my darkest hours. Now, I will be on the same team.

We had a meeting on the 24th and this was when Jobel announced the movement from email to wwte. I was hoping and praying that the stats used to determine the agents for the movement will be the last three months stats. If this was the case, I hopefully had a chance to stay on my beloved team. But if they used either the annual appraisal, or an average from 2008, I had no chance. My average rating was an S. Not that I didnt know what I was doing, I knew the ins and outs of how the email team works. I am knowledgeable in client specs, especially my favorite queue - WWTE. But I did NOT want to take WWTE calls.

Jobel anounced the names by rank for the GY team. Cris, Gi, Ianne, Shayne, Kit, Philline. Damn. Neri was crying. Ianne and Shayne were too. I wanted to scream. At that time, I thought, ITS TIME. Its time to say goodbye to this company. They downgraded our Maxicare plan, they make us go to our stations with only a 3"X6" pouch in hand (how can you fit the following in a 3"X6" pouch: loose powder, compact mirror, comb, 2 tubes of lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, blusher, wallet and VS body spray). They do not have competitive incentives and salaries. They have managers who seemingly manipulate stats to make favorites or lovers look good. They will charge you 5K if you lose your headset, but do not take measures to prevent headsets from being stolen from your work station. Etcera blah blah blah.

Our manager was lurking outside the meeting room and went in just as I was asking Jobel "what if all ten agents resign?". His response was, resignation is not an option. This was when he went in to explain what set of stats were used in the movement, how this was something he fought, how he did not want to let us go. At this point, I was not hearing anything. I wanted to give him the "dead air" spiel. I was asking questions in the way they entered my mind...jumbled. I was not making sense. I just had to say someting. I had to show him that I was hurt. I had to speak in behalf of Shayne and Ianne who were sobbing freely. I knew at that time that nothing more could be done. I was going to be transferred and I WILL be taking calls again. I wanted to say " P****a! mas magaling ako di hamak kay Cherfer, pero maiiwan sya? Sa akin pa nagtatanong ng irereply si Chuva pero maiiwan sya? May utak ba kayo?" But I also knew that my stats said it all. I became too relaxed for 2008 and ended up having mediocre stats. shit.

Before the meeting, I have replied to 55 emails already. Since our quota was to hit at least 8 emails per hour, I figured I just needed 25 more and I was set. I had plenty of time to spare, around three hours. After the meeting, I sent my logs to Jobel with a total of 56 emails replied. I had no more desire to reply to emails. I did not have the energy.

Mars 1 and Mars 2, as well as Shayne, were seriously contemplating on how many days notice to give. 15 or 30? Immediate resignation? They were as appalled at taking calls as I was. Mars1 and her child Gavin could very well be provided for my her family. Mars2, being a member of a jewelry-magnate family (suarez wedding rings and suarez and sons), will very well survive without a job. Shayne, the newly licensed nurse of the email team, has more job options open to her now that theres an RN after her name. If Kit wanted to resign, his finances would not suffer too much. His family owns a manning agency and I know it is a lucrative business.

If I didnt have a family, I could very well have walked out from that meeting room and sent my resignation via email the following day. But since Koko, Kiko and I will not survive on the shops earnings alone, I figured I could not afford to be a bitch. I could give a 30-day notice, which will leave me ample time to get a new job. But then, it would not ease the pain. What hurt me the most is that after almost four years in this company, I might have no choice but to resign. What a stupid reason to resign - I didnt want to take calls. But I really am tempted to be stupid.

Training started last Monday. We basically tackled an overview of wwte. I felt sleepy. I kept on dozing off. I wanted to go home and sleep beside Kiko and Koko. I wanted to be replying to emails, not listening to "what is wwte" bull. I wanted to be in the 5th floor, copying and pasting from my templates to the ExpeRT page. I wanted to be able to turn to my seatmate, whether it be Jules, Nikki, Shayne or Red, and say ITS TIME. I wanted to enjoy seeing my docs multi colored docs page for logs which had a reminder "hit at least 60, dont forget your quality" (I never changed it from when we had to reply to only 6 emails per hour).

Last night, our conversion class double-jacked with the GY team and this was when it hit me. I really was going to be part of this team. Bebeh (mr manubay), assured me even before training that he would not leave me to fend for myself. He said he would take care of me and my other team mates. I learned that not all agents were as savvy when it came to "making palusot" to customers. Some did not have the "skill" to make an airline change fee sound like chocolate dipped strawberries to the customer. One agent did not even know what to advise the customer since the PNR she pulled up was already "purged". The fare rules could not be competely viewed. She kept on looking at the historical notes and went back to the caller stating that there will be a $200 change fee for the flights. This made my ears and heart hurt more.

I may never get over this movement. I may simply walk away from everything, taking Kiko, Koko, Nina, Blu and Lora to the mountains and live on boiled kamote. Or I may simply polish up my skills in tuning up motorcycles so I could simply help Kiko out with the shop. Life would be greasy and dirty but we might manage to scrape off a decent living as a tandem for the KIKStart Shop. But then, the image of Koko and Nina writing "motorcycle mechanic" on "Mother's Occupation" popped into my head. I did not want that for my kids.

My only source of happiness these days are Nina, Kiko and Koko. They make me forget my work worries. Sometimes they also provide more head aches than work gives me, but I love them. I only hope that God will give us all enough strength to overcome whatever is in store.

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There is no excuse for being FAT...

when your hubby is a fitness instructor

-17 °C

When Kiko and I met, I was already overweight. Two years into our relationship, after giving birth to Koko, I gained even more.

Kiko used to indulge me with my favorite sources of nutrition... pizza, nachos, pasta and kare-kare to name a few. When we eat out, we always order extra rice. We always upsize our coke and fries. The more, the merrier. When we went on our motorcycle trips, we always had plenty to eat. We loved inihaw na kahit ano. Inihaw na baboy, inihaw na manok, inihaw na tilapia, bangus, kahit ano nga eh. Our trips were always memorable because we had fun, we rode hard and we ate good food.

December of 2008 was when Quiti and I both resolved that come 2009, we would begin our quest for weight loss. New Year's day came and went. So did the Feast of the Three Kings. No Diet. No weight loss.

Kiko finally put his foot down a few days before Valentines.

I think I mentioned before that Kiko was a personal trainer at Fitness First when we met. At the same time, he was a co-owner of the now defunct URC motorcycle shop. You would think that an ex-personal trainer would always want a sexy girlfriend. But thats not how it was for us.

As we were watching TV, I felt his eyes on me. I thought he was just admiring my beauty (wahahaha)... then he said, "ang taba taba taba mo na. baboy ka na". That jolted me back to reality. He then decided that I would start working out the following day.

The dreaded day came too soon. I was still enjoying the few hours left till I had to leave for work when he said "huy, mag work out ka na, lets go". Then he started by making me do squats. I never had to do squats, not even during my C.A.T. days. I tried to do some, but those were not counted because kiko said they were improperly done. He taught me how to do "proper" squats. He made me stand back against a chair, and had me touch my butt ever so slightly to the seat and get back into position 1 again. I had to endure this 30 times, until I could do no more.

He made me walk and walk until I was able to get some feelings in my legs again. Then, lunges were next. He made me do "proper" lunges for 20 reps. Then he made me do some stretching. And more stretching. My legs felt wobbly. Then I had to shower and go to work. Imagine how I felt when I saw that the escalator of the MRT- North Station was not working. I had to take the stairs as the elevator was super crowded.

The following day, same excercises were made. I still wanted to cry by the time we got to the 10th squat. Then he took me to the UP oval to jog.

After jogging, I bought taho and another jogger came over. He was talking to the taho vendor and from their conversation, I learned that a 61-year old man died while jogging at the UP oval that morning. I felt shivers down my spine because I found out that the guy who died was also over weight and wanted to trim down. It was too late for him now. But maybe not yet for me.

Kiko is a very strict personal trainer. He pushes me to my limit. He drives me to do better than last time. He encourages me to raise that leg higher, to run further, to keep my throbbing arms up longer. He now has me jotting down my food intake just so that I can take a look at what I had for the day. He doesnt have me counting calories, because he knows I'll only cheat. He tells me that I can eat what I like, as long as it's in moderate amounts. He tells me that he doesnt really want me to have a joyce-jimenez-body, he just wants me to tone up and be cherry-pie-picache-like. That's what I kove about my Kiko. He supports me in what I do, and believes that I can succeed. After all, there really is no excuse for being overweight. Its a decision that has to be done for YOURSELF, not for anyone else.

Lets see where this gets me in about two months.... :)

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